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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

An update

I've been awake for I don't know how many hours now and I'm on a natural high. Just thought I should add something after that last blog that was very depressing.

As soon as I moved off Mission st, I realised that infact I wasn't in a third world country. I'm now staying around the corner on Valencia St in a hotel (I gave up on the hostel thin. I don't think I'm cut out for it). Walking along this street is so much nicer. I don't feel scared for my life and there are heaps of good looking cafes, resteraunts and bike shops. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

I cancelled my stay at that dodgey hostel and am now staying at a fairly basic but CLEAN and fine hotel for $70 as opposed to $50 for two nights but I have a room to myself with tv fridge etc. I chose the cheaper room that doesn't have it's own shower and bath (there is one per floor and everyone uses it). But that should be fine. It's run by these funny indian family. They are always yelling at each other while you use the free internet. It's funny. Oh and another thing. This is the fastest internet I've ever used!!! Lightnin fast. Only it doesn't let you do msn so I'll have to stick to the blog and emails.

When I got off Mission St, I realised that I was in a really cool area. I stopped at this shop that was kind of like a brunswick st book store (cos I was feeling really tired and homesick) and bought some sunnies (cos I don't have any and it's summer here) and there was this girl who knew about how to get train tickets cos every "drugstore" I'd been to had said that they didn't sell them. She helped me out and pointed me in the direction of some good cafes and some beaches to see and told me lots of cinemas to see movies at and bookstores (both of which this town is supposed to be shit hot at). Well I think that's all I got for now. Think I'm going to have a lie down and then get some food and then go to sleep. I'm meeting torie's friend tomorrow who I spoke on the phone to and seemed nice even though I was being all jet lagged.

This post might be a bit scattered cos I sent really similar stuff to billie in an email. It's really hard work writing everything twice! Anyway. Just wanted to let all that cared that I'm feeling much better now I've got a nice place to stay for the next two days. Speak to you all soon!


  • Hey Finn,

    Well I probably dont really need to post on the blog becasue I've already spoken to you today, but I'm gonna anyway. Its cool hearing about what your doing in more detail, becasue we didnt really get to talk that long on the phone.

    Do you think you'll try to stay in hotels for the whole time now? Or will you give the hostel in New York a go anyway?

    I hope you have fun out with Phil. Post some photos if you can. Do you think you'll keep up the posting twice a day or was this an excption? And have you arranged to meet up with marks boy? Sorry for the interrogation!

    I think this first week is going to be the hardest for me, after that hopefully I'll be used to not having you around. Right now though it still feels like I should be going round to your place tonight, being a Tuesday, i'm still a little intrenched in what used to be our OC night ;).

    Anyway, gotta go, I'm going to register for the world record attempt tree plant-a-thon which is in Gellong this weekend, and I'm at uni so I should also pay some attention to Beth!

    Oh one last thing. Here's a website you might need when you get into the more difficult suduko puzzles!


    By Blogger Laura, at 4:55 PM  

  • Hey Laura,

    I'm not sure about the hotel thing. I'm going to spend some of today trying to find other accomodation here that is a bit cheaper. I could manage to stay here the whole time but I might find some good hostels based on what mark and phill have told me.
    I'm not sure how often I'll update. I guess yesterday may have been an exception but who knows. I gotta spend SOME time actually experiencing these places so I'll try and cut it down a bit. I haven't contacted mark's boy yet but I'll prob do that today.
    I know what you mean about tuesday nights. I was having trouble getting to sleep last night cos it was weird not sleeping with you. I'm very used to it! I took a while to calm down but after that I had an awsome sleep and woke up early but then snoozed till 9 or so. Body clock seems to be adjusting.
    Good luch with the plant-a-thon! What's up with Beth? More dramas? She's your own personal OC drama generator!
    Thanks for the link too baby girl.
    I'm off to find a good breakfast cos I'm starving!

    By Blogger Finn, at 3:08 AM  

  • Hey Laura,

    Can you email me or message me you address?

    Thanks baby,
    Lots of love


    By Blogger Finn, at 3:15 AM  

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