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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some Awful San Fran

Laura gave me this link to check out that had some ideas on what to do in San Francisco:

Another ok link for san fran:

Some jobs

A gallery to see?

Random things from the blog

1. San Francisco Chinatown
2. The Castro (in San Francisco)
3. Oakland, near 19th and Market (it's just a residential place, but I used to live there and I love that neighborhood)
4. Walking south on Telgraph from Bancroft and Telegraph in Berkeley
5. Downtown Berkeley (Shattuck and Center St)
6. Start at roughly Haight and Ashbury, and walk into Golden Gate Park through the crazy gate. You will enter the most hippy-like park in the world. If you look the part, prepare to have at least 4 or 5 people sell you weed/mushrooms/whatever else. This place is fun at night, because there are lots of homeless young kids who cause trouble and love to talk about ANAARRCHHHY.

Buena Vista in San Francisco is a pretty cool park, and it has one of the best views of the city if you're into that.

Some other stuff

For some cool areas to walk around I would recommend the Grand/Lakeshore area. This is up at one end of the lake, you'll see the Grand Lake theatre, it's kind of the main landmark there. Lot's of nice stores and a great farmer's market on the weekends.

Downtown Oakland is alright though some parts of it (towards 20th street) feel kind of abandoned at times. Oakland's Chinatown is pretty cool though, lots of good food.

Yoshi's is a great sushi restaurant and jazz venue, that's at Jack London Square. For some more great jazz head down to Van Kleef's which is on Broadway at 17th. For a good local bar that tends to play a lot of new wave and post-punk music, and where you can smoke, check out the Ruby Room on 14th st. between Madison and Oak.

As for areas to stay away from, there's really no good reason to be on San Pablo between 25th and 40th steets. And East Oakland gets kind of sketchy past Fruitvale ave though it's nicer as you go towards the hills.

Music festival

Well there is a free all-summer-long music festival at Stern Grove in SF. All different kinds of music with world reknowned artists. Last weekend it was opera and this coming weekend it's Afro-Brazillian stuff. Not sure what it's gonna be in the rest of August but I'm sure it'll be good.

other stuff

Bart. The AC Transit F line should work as well.

If you like weird/old movies, I highly recommend the Pacific Film Archive. They play zany movies six nights a week, there's something worth watching at least once a week. Tickets are only $4.00 for students, and I think $7.00 for general admission. It's also right across the street from the Berkeley Art Museum, which usually has something interesting to look at in it, as well as around the corner from the "Asian Ghetto" food court on Durant, where you can score cheap and tasty food late into the night.

I'd recommend Telegraph over Shattuck for walking around. There's much less cars, and a higher density of nifty shops and whatnot. Shattuck is more spread out, and less Jaywalking-friendly.

There's some rad things to see on Shattuck too though, Games of Berkeley is fun, Comic Relief is fun, and everyone but me seems to be totally enamored with the Cheeseboard.

beer tour

If you like beer, take the Anchor Brewing tour. There's no parking, so take Muni. You'll thank me when you're not able to drive after the tasting session. Call ahead to make sure you can get in.


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