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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More final pictures from New York

Final Pictures from New York

Thursday, August 25, 2005

More and more San Fran

The people I went out with from the Green Tortoise. Too many weird English people.

I found this on my bike ride to find the crane used in Myth Busters. It's a portable church for the homeless. One of them got a bit weirded out by me taking pictures of it and yelled out something I couldn't quite make out.

Weird Barbie creations on Market St San Francisco.

Again on my bike ride I found this cool bridge that seems to flip over to let boats through. It was a nice area. To the right of this photo was a massive baseball stadium in which a band was playing to warm up for some massive concert. Awesome reverb!

I like this picture. It sums up how I felt about San Francisco when I first arrived on Mission St. This is actually still on my bike ride to find the crane from Myth Busters in the badlands of the docks.

It's funny, I found a painting in MoMA just like this one. There was a nice little nook where this piece of rope and boye were just bobbing around in.

I think this is the crane they used in Myth Busters but I'm not sure so I took photos of other cranes around the area I'd been told they do some of their stuff around.

This type of caravan is apparently a classic. There was a book dedicated to it at the bookshop mentioned in a previous blog.

Japanese Garden's San Fran

These images are pretty self explanitory. This place was just really beatiful. They are in the Golden Gate Park.

City hall and Queens

This type of bike, while photographed in New York, is considered very cool in San Francisco. Only 1 gear and you can't stop peddling and it's really hard to stop the bike without brakes. Apparently the less stuff on it the better.

This thing's really huge. The biggest city hall I ever done seen.

There's none of this in Manhatten that I could find. There's some line somewhere that I haven't seen yet called the high line that they're going to turn into some kind of public space cos it doesn't get used. There was a section at MoMA on the plans for it. Pretty impressive.

Ah Photoshop... I didn't cheat with the fortune cookie saying though! I actually got that in the only fortune cookie I've had here. It made me laugh.

I hope this isn't just going to be a replica of the Nightmare Before Christmas. I've seen that too many times.