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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Next Stop, New York!

Ok, my next stop is going to be the Swiss 1291 Hostel 337 West 55th, 10019, New York.

Look, it seems to be right next to the park. SWEET! (I've gotta stop using that word. It's Napolian Dynomite's fault.)

Or if you prefer, da satelite image! Look at those shadows. That must be the inner city right? Cool. Well apparently the place I'm staying at looks like this...

Looks like an IKEA catelogue to me. Should be ok though.

Also gotta remember to check out the SOHOTEL according to Jen.


  • Are u in NY now? Cino and I stayed right on the corner of 51st and Broadway a few years ago, in a mad palazo italiano called the Michelangelo. Cino had come across it in a marvel comic book, or perhaps Hunter S Thompson and had a fancy to check it out. I was in NY a few days before he met me from Milano and had secretly booked a few night there. We were heading home to Oz at the time so the astronomical room charge was a last minute balast blow off, as it were. On booking, I had told this little tale to the impecable receptionists and when I arrived with him from Kennedy (he was 16) a few days later, they had up-graded us so we got a view of broadway, to say nothing of a TV on an extendo-arm in the dunny! Ya hoo! Buffet breakfast boasted the best brioche in the big apple. Love Ya Desiree

    By Blogger Désirée, at 2:43 PM  

  • Hey Des,

    I haven't left yet. I'm sitting in my room getting excited having just finished work on Friday which allows me to now think about going over seas!

    I'm staying at 55th and something so I guess I'll be quite near where you stayed. I'll have to check it out.
    Mmmm.. Breakfast sounds good. I don't think my hostel breakfasts will be quite so extravogant (I wish this thing had a spellcheck)

    love to you des, I hope you have a chance to blog me while I'm away. Are you able to logon and blog for yourown? I think I sent you an invitation but if you can't find it I can sed you another.

    XXOO Finn

    By Blogger Finn, at 11:13 AM  

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