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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New york 3

The first subway I went on didn't have air conditioning. That was an experience. For some reason the subways are always hot!! What's the deal? There's tones of vents for the heat to escape but it doesn't seem to work and can anyone tell me what's the deal with the steam? There's steam in summer! I thought it was just a winter thing and I haven't been able to find out so far.

Gig I saw at the knitting factory with two 12 YO rockers. It was pretty crap but it was pretty packed. Stupid gimmicky advertising. They were kinda like a girl Hanson group. People still clapped. The support band was better.

Some girls I met at the Knitting factory. For some reason I look really uncomfortable but I didn't feel like that at the time. This was just after my first Dirty Martini.

The support band at the knitting factory. Please excuse the order of this thing.

Damn some of these buildings are massive and good looking. Think this is near the Meat Packing area downtown.

Couldn't get into the Plaza Hotel so this is all I could really see of where Eloise came from.

All the names of the people are on the wall at Union Square Station for some reason. This is obviously a very small part of the wall. It takes up quite a lot of space. I'm not sure why this isn't at Ground Zero where there isn't any mention of the people that died. Just a brief explanation of the events that happened. No-one is allowed to put anything up around there (like flowers or anything). Americans are weird.

This is the best picture I got of this travelling B Boy outfit. They move too fast. For some reason there seems to be one day where heaps of these groups busk. They demand so much from their audience. They barely got started and they were demanding applause for not all that much and hammering you for all your money. They were ok though.

A shot of this really nice bridge from a cable car (yes I'm dangling from really high up and I wasn't even scared!).

I was inspired by Laura's Mum's (Not sure if you have to use two commas there. Is it just Spanish that you don't?) photos of reflections here. Not quite as developed as some of hers though.

Man I love textures!

Me trying to take a photo like a Turner photo. Dude I love clouds of all kinds!!

I loved this Japanese restaurant. It's called Kenka and is on St Marks Place in the Lower East side. It has a crazy Japanese atmosphere. Everyone is Japanese and their allways yelling out "Hai" and other crazy stuff and there's always this weird kinda "Propaganda"ish music playing. Everything is cheap and all the beer is Japanese!

Off to Straten Island. Seeya Manhatten!

Dave's friend Melaina at Kenka with me.

There is steam all over the streets and these guys have to work in it. New York summer is not a good time to be working in steam if there is even a good time to be working in it...

I went up this stupid tower. I didn't really enjoy it. Wasn't really worth it.

Here is one of the views (Lower East Side) from that not so great treck up that tower. Check out all the projects!! There's tones!

This place is great. They have reading chairs and tables out for everyone! It's behind the Library.

There are those things again! I love them!


HUGE! Did I mention that everything is big here?

When I was feeling a little homesick I found this place that sells authentic Australian meat pies. When I first got there an American served me but then this totally oca Aussie guy started talking to me while he was making fresh pies. I've actually met quite a few Aussies here. Most have been weirdos from Perth and Sydney But I met one girl from Melbourne at my favourite shop: American Apparel. No logos on the clothes...

Dude. I didn't get a picture of this guy's back tyre but it was huge! Like a car tire. He had a crazy horn that he'd let off everynow and then too.

I thought this poster's art kinda looked like Ross's drawing from his animations.


  • this not felix it is the pater
    Ilove the way the where the how you look thru the lens its a trip for the ol folks @ home keep em coming but dont forget the pc for the pater vale meus filius cum magna amor. (that is latin[oops but youre not in latin america])

    By Blogger Felix_elske_wins, at 10:37 AM  

  • Hi Finn,

    Mum loves the reflection photo, and alot of the others! She says she looks forward to seeing them in real life.

    By Blogger Laura, at 9:24 PM  

  • Yeah. I've only put up about 25% of them

    By Blogger Finn, at 5:55 AM  

  • Some of these are wunderbar! You have ze eye for ze form and colour. And it is good to see yr face in some to prove you are really there and not doing an Amelie gnome. I would like some pictures of the people but I guess they might get upset if you point a camera at them.

    By Anonymous momma, at 9:21 PM  

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