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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Melbourne Weather, and lightening Bolts...

Well, I thought I might derail your blog for a minute Finn to show you what the weather is like here... The above photo was taken just outside of Melbourne. Unfortunately it didnt actually snow in the CBD, but there was one heck of a hail storm and I got to make snowballs anyway.

Also, according to the esteemed Andrew Bolt, I am a drifter! Have a look at this article he wrote about my course. Its pretty funny!


  • Hey Laura baby girl babaganoush (can't spell),
    Crazy weather you got over there you aussies (pronounced the american way). Weather here is awesome (pronounced the calafornian way). It always looks like it's going to be overcast cos the fog is all over the city but by like 11 or 12 it's alls "sunshine lollypopos and daisy's everywhere...". Had a good day today. David (Mark's BF) while stand offish at first is such an awesome dude. Very drunk right now so excuse me crappy typing.
    I always knew the dickhead was some kind of scared weird guy but this guy is a moron. Why is he scared of flower people?: "They're on my tram? Back off, scary flower people!"

    Even so. This article is pretty laughable. Here the TV is sooo right winged that everyone just accepts it's views. Reading this Herald Sun it seems almost left wing compared to the state's media standpoint. It seems this guy would be happy if our universitities were run more like the ones here. Only people who alrady have money can study at uni.
    Man, this guys forum is out of control. He sure does get a lot of attention. He must thrive on the that stuff.

    Anyways. Do you wanna transfer your course to here laura? I'm thinking of coming and working in this town. I love this place.

    Much much much love XOXOXOXOXOXO finny

    By Blogger Finn, at 4:33 PM  

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